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Questions & Answers


part I

Booking an Appointment

How do I book an appointment?

Write me a message via e-mail, Facebook or Instagram, where you describe your wishes for the tattoo, motif, placement and size. You are very welcome to send pictures for inspiration, to tune me into what mood you are aiming for in the piece.

It is a big help if you can add a photo of the bodypart you wish to have tattooed, so I have an idea about the porportions, before moving to the design process.


We can use photos and images as inspiration, but I will never copy another artist’s work. This way, you can be sure to get a unique tattoo, designed specifically for you.

When we have talked about your project, I can provide you with an estimated price and available dates.


I do not send the design up front. In my experience it works much better, if I have a design ready for you, for the day of the tattoo – so we can look at it together.

We will have all the time necessesary on the day of the appointment, to go through it, find the perfect size and placement – and make adjustments if needed.

How long is your waiting list?

It varies a lot, depending on the time of year and other factors.

Normally I try to keep the waiting list to no more than half a year. You are always welcome to contact me to enquire about my schedule and available dates.

What is the price of a tattoo?

The price depends on several factors; like size, placement and motif. I am always able to give you an estimate, so do not hesitate to contact me with your wishes.

Any type of work you will not do?

I will only do work that’s in my area of expertise, to make sure you get the best possible result. You are always welcome to enquire if your ideas are a match for my work.


I am very serious about my work, and will never under any circumstances tattoo a person under the age of 18. Tattooing a minor is illegal in Denmark, even with permission from parents.


What payment options do you accept?

I accept MobilePay and cash. Foreign clients can also do bank transfers, these just need to be done in advance, since it takes a few days to appear on the recieving bank account.

Reservation fees and cancellations

To book an appointment, you must place a reservation fee. The fee will be deducted from the total price of your tattoo.

The reservation fee is either 1000,- or 2000,- depending on the duration of the session.

NB: The reservation fee can not be refunded.


Cancellations must be made at least 5 working days before the appointment. In that case, we can move your reservation fee to a new date.

The reservation fee will be lost if you cancel your appointment later than 5 working days before your appointment, or if you do not show up to your appointment.

part ii

Preparation and the Tattooing Process

How do I prepare before getting tattooed?

Make sure you are well-rested and have had a lot to eat before the appointment. Even though you might not have a big appetite before the session, it is important that you get a proper meal. Fruits and greens are especially good, both for easing the process, keeping your blood sugar levels high and with the healing afterwards.

Stay away from alcohol in the days leading up to – and after – the appointment, for the sake of the healing of the tattoo.

You can bring lunch, snacks and sugary drinks to your appointment, so you can keep yourself fueled throughout the day. But it’s also possible to buy food close by or order it to the shop, whichever you prefer.

I will always provide water, soda, coffee and sweets (small chocolates etc.) Furtnermore, there is a refrigerator to keep stuff cool in.

Should I shave the area prior to the appointment?

No, unless it is an area you are used to shaving / waxing etc., just leave it as is. There is a chance of you irritating the skin, which – if unlucky – might result in me not being able to work on it afterwards and having to reschedule.

I will prepare the area when we meet up, to make sure it does not become irritated or infected.

Does it hurt to be tattooed?

It will always hurt to get tattooed – but it is very individual how the pain is percieved. Some areas of the body hurts more than others, but even this is individual.

Therefore you should always choose the placement, where you would prefer the tattoo – without thinking about how the pain might be on that particular spot. The pain is temporary, the tattoo is forever.

The best thing you can do to ease the process, is to make sure your body is well rested and -fed. It is completely normal – and beneficial – if you are excited and nervous before your tattoo. It gives the body a boost of adrenaline, that helps ease the process. 

What kind of ink do you use?

I use a brand called Dynamic – REACH approved. It is a vegan product, which also means that allergic reactions are highly unlikely, unless you have a tendency to be allergic to many other products in your everyday, like perfume, soap deterregent etc. If you have allergies, please inform me about them.

What should I bring on the day of the appointment?

It is important to have had a good nights rest and eat a proper meal before the appointment. You can bring sweets, sodas and other sugary snacks, to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

It is adviced to wear comfortable loose clothes for the appointment. Something that grants easy access to the area we will be working on and preferably something black, to avoid getting ink stains on it. I also suggest dressing layered, so you can ajust to your body temperature during the day – extra socks, a hoodie etc.

If it is a full day session, it can be nice for some people to bring entertainment, to take their mind off the pain; books, music or movies.

Where can I park my car?

The studio is located right next to a parking garage; Latinergården, at Borggade 6.

part iii

Aftercare Advice

How do I take care of my new tattoo?
When we are done with your new tattoo, I will always guide you through the process for an optimal healing, step by step. 

There are two different methods we can use, depending on your job, plans for the following days and preference.


Second skin:

I will apply protective film on your tattoo, for optimal healing. It is a product that prevents dirt and bacteria from getting into the tattoo, while letting the skin breathe.
This has to stay on for a maximum of 5 days – should it loosen before then, simply proceed to the steps of removing and aftercare.

The first 24 hours;
avoid showering and sweating too much, so the film has time to settle onto your skin.
– From then on you are allowed to shower normally.
– The film can curl up in the corners a bit, and small air- and liquid pockets can occur, but as long as the tattoo itself is sealed shut by the film, it has the perfect conditions to heal up nicely.
– You are only supposed to remove the film before the 5 days, if the tattoo becomes exposed. This will mean it is accessible to bacteria, which can cause irritation or infection.

How to remove the film; While showering, gently pull the film from one end. It can hurt a bit to remove the film – just like removing a band aid – but this will not harm the tattoo in the process, even if it’s only on the second day. It is perfectly normal that there is excess ink residue on the removed film.

When you have removed the film;
Rinse your tattoo gently under luke water, with intimate or neutral perfume- and paraben free soap. Let it air-dry or p
at it dry with a completely clean paper- or normal towel and smear as thin as possible a layer of salve on it. If you smear too much salve on it, you prevent the skin from breathing, which it needs to, in order to heal.

The next 5 days; Wash the tattoo in intimate or neutral soap 2 times daily and apply a thin layer of cream afterwards. Remember; rather a bit too little than too much cream.

3 weeks from the day of the tattooing;
– No hot tubs, saunas, spas, pools, oceans etc.
– Avoid sun exposure, both tanning beds and the outdoors. Always keep your new tattoo covered when staying outside, you are not allowed to apply sun screen on it before it is completely healed.
– Avoid contact sport and workouts where the tattoo can experience excessive fysical contact or stretches.
– Avoid applying any products on the tattoo, like perfume or moisturizer.
– Avoid scratching the tattoo. If it itches a lot, small daps with the palm of your hand can soothe the worst of it.
– Small black scabs will flake off the tattoo during the healing period. It is important not to peel at them, but to let them fall off by themselves. What comes off while smearing on the cream, is ready to come off.

The years to come; Always remember sunscreen on your tattoo to keep it looking as good as possible, preferably factor 50 – even though you don’t have a tendency to burn.

You are always welcome to contact me, if there is anything you are uncertain about. There are no such things as stupid questions.
How does your retouch warranty work?
It is extremely important to me that you are left with a perfectly healed tattoo. That is why I always have a free of charge retouch warranty.
You simply have to send me a healed picture a month after the appointment, so I can assess if there are areas that needs a bit of rework. Even though you might not be able to see anything, my eyes might pick something else up, so it is important to send the photo.

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